AMC Powder is a specifically formulated cleaning powder for comprehensive cleaning of the milk system in Cafina/Melitta coffee machines.

High performance acidic hard water descaler for removal of both low and high fat milk.

Cleans milk lines, frothers and parts of automatic espresso machines.

Non-corrosive formulation to protect the machine.

Use in conjunction with Cafetto® M35 tablets for cleaning the milk system or daily in place of M35 tablets.



Amc How To Use
  1. Cafetto® Automatic Milk System Cleaner is to be used at least once per week to keep milk systems clean and prevent blockages.
  2. Add the contents of the sachet to the milk system cleaning container and run the milk system cleaning cycle.
  3. Do NOT add any other tablets or powder to the cleaning container.
  4. Do NOT use this powder to clean the coffee brewing system.