National Barista Day

Happy National Barista Day to all our valued baristas out there!
National Barista Day 2023
01 March 2023

Disclosure: no coffee was harmed in the making of this article, sort of.

Happy National Barista Day to all our (much valued) baristas and everyone who's beans about coffee - it's a love we can all agree on.

Hearing a love story is great, but we can do you one better…let’s talk about the rich and roasty relationship between a traditional espresso machine and a grinder. ☕🤎

We call this, an inseparable kind of love – alongside an espresso machine, you’ll always find a grinder. In fact, in some cafés, you may even find two!

Why? Well, here’s some fast numbers we can all get around: In a busy café, these grinders will help make over 450 cups of coffee in a single day. That’s approximately 300kg of coffee beans a month, you don’t have to be a mathematician to know that equals a whole lot of ‘yes.’

Like all coffee equipment, your grinder needs the TLC of being cleaned and maintained properly to perform optimally. So, consider this your ultimate guide to one of our hero products: Cafetto Grinder Clean and why it’s an absolute staple in all cafés:

Here’s a question we’re all thinking but haven’t asked: What does a Grinder Cleaner do?

Glad you asked – essentially what it does is eliminate the build up from the blades, chambers and grinder burrs. Here’s how: 👇🏽

A capful of Grinder Clean pellets from the jar are loaded into the grinder hopper; just as you would with coffee beans. Pellets are ground to a fine powder, which then travels through the grinder. The powder absorbs the rancid oils, dislodging and removing the build-up of stale coffee from the grinder burrs and casings. As the pellets are dispensed, as is the waste stale coffee. Once you're done, we recommend a light brush to remove any dust and re-seasoning your grinder – and ta da, you have yourself a clean grinder!

How to use Cafetto Grinder Cleaner
How to use Cafetto Grinder Clean

Is all the hype worth it?

Short answer? Yes. Slightly more detailed answer? We’ve put this impressive product through a lot of rigorous testing, and we’ve found that the Grinder Clean pellets have a lower hardness rating than coffee beans. This means that Grinder clean does not put ANY additional stress on the burrs/blades during the cleaning process, (sounds like a pretty good relationship to me). But wait, there’s more – studies have shown grind speed and burr temperature remain consistent for longer with regular grinder cleaning. As a result, prolonging the life of the grinder burrs and reducing the frequency of replacement, which can be a costly exercise (cue the ‘cha ching’ sound effect).

So, what does this mean for my coffee?

All of this significantly reduces the chances of your coffee machine producing a bad shot of coffee. On top of that, you’re reducing waste, maintaining your speedy service and upholding the best quality of product served to your customers – win, win and win. ✅

Here’s the cherry on top: consistent dosing, even grind size and distribution through clean burrs give the best opportunity for the beans to taste how the roaster and barista intended, a clean cup of coffee with no off-flavours (yes, that “thank god” feeling in a cup is exactly what we mean).


Is there a product out there that can stop me from ever producing a bad coffee again?

There sure is, and it goes by the name of Cafetto Grinder Clean. 👈🏽

A product designed to support efficiency in your workplace:

Hey, we know about the nature of hospitality. It’s a quick, on-the-go, no nonsense industry – so why wouldn’t you expect the same from your coffee machine cleaning products? A simple cap full of grinder clean put directly into the grinder and ground through means you’re reducing the need to stick a brush into the grinder. No taking apart the grinder. No putting the grinder back together. It’s quick and straight forward – a simple cleaning process for a barista when closing for the day.

Cleaning your grinder with Grinder Clean at the end of each day removes coffee build up and oils that can become rancid. When you re-open in the morning, the grinder is clean and ready to grind – that’s what we call a good morning!

There are numerous moving parts to extracting the perfect espresso. Starting with a consistent, reliable and evenly distributed dose from a grinder cleaned regularly with Cafetto Grinder Clean gives the barista the best opportunity to deliver that delicious, rich, hits-the-spot, thank-God-for-morning-coffee shot.

Cafetto Grinder Clean

And at the end of the day, let’s be honest, a delicious coffee is really what we’re all here for. Again. And again….and, again.

Happy Barista Day to all the talented coffee heads out there! Learn more about the wide range of coffee cleaning solutions for your machine here: 🛍️