Why use a Milk Cleaner?

Milk cleaning with Cafetto
MFC milk cleaning directions
24 July 2023
MFC Blue 1L

How confident are you that you're completely across cleaning all parts of your coffee machine that come into direct contact with milk?

If you had to think about it, you're probably not prioritising it as much as you should be. Here are some quick and (not so) fun facts to be across.

Residual milk components can link to:

  • Sour milk
  • Milk stone
  • Scale
  • Dried milk deposits
  • Odour
Bacteria such as listeria, salmonella & e-coli. Safe to say no one wants to encounter these problems? We thought so too. That's why we offer a range of Milk Cleaners to suit the requirements of most machines and give you coffee that actually tastes like coffee - ground breaking.

How do the products work?

We have a range of Cafetto Milk Cleaners available in liquid, powder, and tablet forms.

Here's the first and last thing we want you to do for both steps: rinse or flush the milk line with water before and after using products to ensure best performance, (you can thank us later).

Now that we've taken care of that, depending on your machine, begin by placing a solution of the product into the milk holding chamber or in a separate container.

MFC milk cleaning directions

Then allow the machine to perform its cleaning cycle. This involves the cleaning solution being sucked through the milk line into all areas of the machine that come into contact with milk products, including the milk line and milk frother.

MFC milk cleaning directions for use

Here's what you can expect with regular use of Cafetto Milk Cleaners:

  • Milk lines free from milk stone
  • Greatly reduced risk of harmful bacteria growth
  • Fresh tasting milk-based beverages
  • Control of hard water scale
  • Hygienic equipment
  • Customer health and safety

Oh, and you can also add 'happy customers and less technician call outs' on that list. ✅

Repeat after us: Milk components need love too. That's why we've developed a range that does exactly that with over 10 products to give you the clean needed from top to bottom.