Cleaning Collection

Cleaning Collection for the Home Barista

A monthly cleaning kit for home users, this kit contains everything you need to keep your espresso machine clean, hygienic and running smoothly. All packaged in a neat envelope for efficient shipping and storage, and simple use.

Pack includes:

  • 4 x EVO 5g sachets
  • 1 x MFC Powder Eco 10g Sachet
  • 1 x Renew Descaler 25g Sachet



The sachets are pre-measured, single-use portions for ease of operation.

  1. Use one Evo sachet weekly for backflushing your machine and cleaning coffee oils, grounds and stains to improve flavour of espresso.
  2. Use MFC Powder Eco sachet monthly to clean milk frothers and steam wands.
  3. Use Renew Descaler sachet monthly to remove hard water scale.