World of Coffee takes Copenhagen

World of Coffee returns to the Nordics in 2024.
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03 June 2024

It's lights out and away we go - this time, World of Coffee is making its way through Denmark and straight to Copenhagen for what's anticipated to be the biggest #WOC event of the year.

Ready to get roasty with it as we brew up a storm in the Southern heart of Scandinavia? Well pack your bags, start your grinders and set your machines to 'double shot', the countdown is officially on!

Be part of the experience as we watch the most up and coming execute their coffee craft at Europe's premier specialty coffee trade show. 🍵

Filled with all the nail-biting WOC show features we're all awaiting, followed by the much anticipated Specialty Coffee Association Best New Product Competition of 2024 - we can't wait to see what Copenhagen will bring! 🎆

And hey, you don't want to miss the most important thing...

No World of Coffee experience is complete without visiting the people behind the Cafetto Clean

Visit our team at Stand ED-008! 🤩

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