World Social Media Day

Get your reels ready and start your scrolling - it's World Social Media Day!
World Social Media Day 4
World Social Media Day
30 June 2023

Today is no ordinary day, and no we're not talking about the fact that it's Friday. It's #WorldSocialMediaDay! AKA, the day we celebrate the weird and wonderful world of socials and all it has to offer. From the good, to the bad, to the...downright bizarre. 🤯

What makes this day so significant? First we had the telephone, then the fax machine, then social media, and now we've got...robots that go by the name of artificial intelligence that have the power to see what you're doing on the internet and can ACTUALLY re-serve you content they know you like.

Gone are the days of dial-up, and hearing that head splitting "eeeeerr" sound every time you wanted to use your computer to 'surf the web.' If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's the monumental technological advancements we've been through in the past two decades, we've come a long way folks! 💻

There's a lot to be said about the wonderful world of socials, especially from an international brand's point of view. With so many benefits, here's a few we love the most:

Connectivity from around the globe

After 20 years in business, we can safely say that sustaining longevity in customer relationships is connecting with like-minded people who share the same core values.

In fact, this is our #1 priority when forming relationships. Getting to know the individuals behind the machines starts with a strong foundation which is only strengthened through social media connectivity.

World of Coffee 2023
Managing Director Christopher Short (pictured far left) with the Samba Coffee Roasters team.

Having global consumers from around the world, we can only thank the internet Gods for social media allowing us to connect at all hours! it's ironic how details that seem so minuit can have such a big effect in sustaining important relationships. Like scheduling messages, being able to share media at the click of a button, or if you're feeling trendy: livestreaming with your customers - connecting you in the same video from many, many kms away (you can't tell us that's not exciting, come on)!

World social media day 2023
Cafe Asia 2019 Singapore (pictured left). Yellow Bird Coffee in Copenhagen during Cafetto Coffee Tour 2022 (pictured right).

Educating and being eduated

Remember going to the library and pulling out the encyclopaedia when you wanted to look up a fun fact? Boy are those days out the window. With the movement of social media, education has certainly taken on a brand spanking new meaning with the endless ways to share knowledge within our digital communities. With all this exciting information, how can you not immerse yourself?

Digital articles

We'll admit, one of our favourite parts of connecting with people is learning about their journey that formed the scope of their success. A classic example of this is our interview with the Coffee Trainer & Head of Quality at D'Angelo Coffee, Rosey Hill. Taking us through her coffee journey, we learnt all about what makes her take on bean to cup completely unique.

How-to-use style articles are the new 'it girl' of the Cafetto website (incase you hadn't noticed). We've re-vamped and introduced an education section dedicated completely to sharing the years of knowledge from our team of experts from quality control, to research & development to business relations and the list goes on!

For example, explaining the ins and outs of how the heating elements inside a coffee machine work, or why cleaning your grinder is so important.

Showcasing the exceptional individuals who work behind the brand is another educational path route we love. For example, celebrating International Women's Day with General Manager Christine Song's remarkable story.

Intenrational womens day

Animated how-to videos

Not only are animated videos proven to stop scrolling in its tracks, they're fun as heck! Like our explanation on Why using a Milk Cleaner is so important within any industry space.

Why use a Cafetto milk cleaner

Clean your machine with us

Want to make sure you're using your Cafetto products to their full ability? There's a 'do it with us' video for that. Anyone up for a quick crash course in cleaning your espresso machine?

Wrapped up in reels

Who knew a short compilation of media could be so exciting? Clearly the guy who created reels! Whether it's a quick how-to or a wrap-up of an exciting event, we're not kidding when we say reels really can do it all.


And hey, if you're not reely into the reels, you can jump on the carousel merry go round. We call these the versatile pick of the bunch because there's really no limits with what you can use these for. For example, breaking down the 'why' behind common coffee relates issues or deep-diving into our sustainability mission.

Cafetto Carousel Post

What's the goal here? It's all about conveying transparency. At the end of the day, it's real people getting to know one another. In addition to, we want you to be 100% informed on what happens inside your machine and how Cafetto coffee cleaning products combat these issues to help your machine work at the top of its game.

The art of self expression

Your social media is your online resume, and what do we want to see on socials? Creativity! 🥳

Of course, everyone in the coffee industry got that memo. Everything from Instagram to LinkedIn is absolutely buzzing with creativity that is beaming with individual expression. Your profile is your form of self expression (and hey, it's also a great way to boast about your skills, like the crazy latte art we're seeing)!

Latte art on instagram
Latte art on Instagram

Everyone's got their own style, twist and take on coffee that derives from many different avenues, from personality, to region to pure curiosity! Take a look at these takes on a classic latte:

Latte art twists
@yourcoffeedude on Instagram.

Content creation has completely evolved and made a brand new name for itself. With photography and video editing reaching new heights - expressing your unique flavour is almost a must!

And of course, we love being featured in the content (who wouldn't)!

World of Coffee 2023

World of Coffee Championships
World of Coffee Judging Panel
World of Coffee judging panel.

Customer Creations

Cafetto Grinder Clean
Cafetto Customer images
@espressosolutions & @hellotwo2brew customer product content.

So whether you're into the 'gram, a big deal on socials already, or have no clue what the big wide world of social media holds, we encourage you all to get out there and explore what it can do for you, we can't wait to see what you create! 😃‼️

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