Cleaning tablets in fully automatic coffee machines

Consider the following factors when sourcing the correct cleaning tablet for a fully automatic coffee machine.
Amber C 164
3 April 2023
Amber C 164

There is an extensive range of fully automatic coffee, tea, juice and other beverage machines available around the world to suit the various needs of consumers.

Most fully automatic beverage machines have different cleaning cycles and cleaning product requirements. These all require a cleaning tablet for the cleaning cycle. Different brands and styles of fully automatic machines are unique and require a cleaning tablet with a specific dissolution time, shape, and weight.

If no cleaning product, or the incorrect cleaning product is used, this may result in your machine prompting a cleaning cycle or locking you out of all of its functions until clean.

The following factors need to be considered when sourcing the correct cleaning tablet for a fully automatic coffee machine:

Cleaning cycle time

The cleaning cycle in a fully automatic machine can range from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the machine and their production throughput. This means that a cleaning tablet needs to dissolve at the right time of the automatic machine cleaning program.

Cleaning tablet shape

Cafetto manufacture a specific range of tailored tablet shapes to suit various cleaning and sanitising applications of coffee and milk dispensing machines. Tailored tablets include round, sphere shaped, domed, doughnut shaped, or beveled edged, to name a few. Cafetto’s tablet shapes also vary in dose (weight), thickness, diameter, and hardness. These are all manufactured to suit the shape of the dispensing line on an automatic beverage machine.

Cleaning tablet dissolution time

Dissolution Tablets

The time a tablet takes to dissolve during a machines cleaning cycle is important and there are many factors that affect this dissolution time. Factors include the amount of water, temperature of water, and degree of agitation in the cleaning line during the cleaning cycle. The dispensing lines of a fully automatic machine can be quite narrow tubes that need cleaning solution to flow through with ease.

Cafetto’s tablets are formulated and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Learn more about our extensive range of cleaning tablets for fully automatic machines here.