Hey there, Barista Wipes!

Think you know everything about surface cleaning and disinfecting? We haven't even wiped the surface yet!
Barista Wipes
19 July 2023

Hey there, hey...you, yes you! Guess what we've got up our sleeves?

You know how we're all about making the barista's life easier? We've just added an extra little something to that basket of items and they go by the name of Cafetto Barista Wipes!


Coffee Equipment Cleaning Wipes

Something that can seem so small is actually...not, and we'll tell you why. Take the average day of a barista: arrive at work, make yourself a coffee, in walks: the first customers, take their order, make their coffee, drop coffee on the bench, make some more coffees with special milk preferences, spill some milk on the bench, seat another 10 customers, take care of their orders, drop more coffee, and before you know it, your preparation space is the coffee.

Now imagine this for another 8 hours. Safe to say it's stressful, even if we believe there's no point in crying over spilt milk (literally). In the coffee world, we're pretty used to seeing new and exciting tools and gadgets that aim to elevate the coffee...

But what about the finer details that help elevate the cleanliness of the Barista's working space with quick and reliable mid-service solutions? Behind every barista is a selection of machine and surface cleaning solutions to lean on for quick, thorough and effective cleaning during the in-between coffee making rush. Cafetto Barista Wipes give that all-in-one action we love. They thoroughly clean by removing dirt, grease and grime. As well as disinfecting by killing the harmful bacteria and germs, all while preventing cross-contamination. So you've got peace of mind in knowing you're looking after your staff and your customers.

Here's a few (necessary) extras that set them apart:

  • They kill 99.9% of bacteria 🦠
  • Biodegradable 🍃
  • Fragrance free 👃🚫
  • Cleaning disinfecting in one easy wipe ✨

Applicable for use on:

  • Coffee machine exterior
  • Outer surfaces of grinder hopper
  • Portafilters
  • Counter tops
Barista Wipes Directions Pictograms

We forgot to mention: There's 100 wipes in 1 pack so it's the economical, effective cost-per-use product for your café/hospitality space.

Intrigued? Stay tuned, they're nearly here!

What better time to release these fabulous products we call our baristas' best friends than this August during #NationalCoffeeMonth! Grab a pen and circle the date: they'll be ready for you to get your hands on very soon!