The Cafetto logo origination story

The Cafetto logo is not only a representation of where it all began, it's strongly linked with what we do.
Cafetto logo origination 1
09 May 2024

Let's take a quick trip to circa 2002, before Cafetto had made its mark in the coffee world and was merely a thought in Director Christopher Short's mind, and all we had was an idea. 💡

One of the earliest brand considerations was the logo. The Cafetto logo is not only a representation of how it all began, it's also very closely linked to what we do. So, when we thought about how to best visualise this, we put pen to paper and went back to basics. 📝

The idea was simple, from our roasters to our machine manufacturers, to our baristas and every single important person in between, we all play a different role in creating the final product, but we come together to do our bit in crafting that perfect cup of coffee that elevates your senses to new heights and makes your tastebuds dance (to put it simply!)

Here's how it went:

We looked no further than incorporating one of the most important and recognisable tools in the coffee-making process. None other than: The Group Head. We started this process by studying its different areas and working functions.

The best way to describe the importance of this tool is as the heart of the coffee machine, so we decided to design our logo around it. The group head is where the water from the boiler is dispersed through the coffee filter basket. The function of the small holes in the design is to allow for that even dispersion over the coffee grounds, which is what kicks off that brewing process.

The Cold Water Inlet: 💦

Group head cold water inlet

The Steam Outlet: 🌬️

Group head steam outlet

Hot Water Outlet: ♨️

Group head hot water outlet

The Boiler: 🔥

Group head boiler

Once we pin-pointed the critical function areas, we designed our logo around it bit by bit. Of course, being the coffee heads we are, we spent countless hours testing different prototypes, pulling ideas apart, reimagining our ideas, and just when we thought we had it...we'd think of how to make it that little bit better.

Until one day, we ended up something that received that final tick of approval. ✅

Cafetto logo origination
The Cafetto logo, signed off by Director Christopher Short.

Besides the font and brand colours, one of our most distinctive brand assets is the incorporation of curves throughout the design, which was strongly inspired and attributed to the group head design.

Simple? Yes. A representation of what we do? We think so. You might even say, it was our recipe for coffee afficionados everywhere. ☕

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