World Environment Day

Our mission to creating a cleaner, greener future.
World Environment Day
05 June 2023.
World Environment Day 2023

Guess what today is? It's #WorldEnvironmentDay across the globe! 🌏

We recognise the need to protect our environment and every one who comes into contact with our products. To do so, we hold specific environmental objectives that form the scope of all our operations.

Being sustainability focused, we're excited to be sharing a few things we're doing to better manage our environmental aspects and reduce our associated impacts on a local, national and international scale:

Physical waste:

We're committed to optimising the diversion of physical waste from landfill to recyclable outcomes (dry, plastic, general, chemical). Data from a third-party waste management contractor is collected and analysed on a periodic basis to determine areas for improvement.

Environmental impact of plastic:

Minimising the environmental impact of plastic packaging products by ongoing evaluation of suppliers, packaging quantity and materials, to decrease non-recyclable waste.

Chemical waste:

Minimise chemical waste discharged to sewer by collecting contaminated rinse water from cleaning processes, and diverting it to secondary activities or to waste management contractors.

Waste water treatment:

Reduction in the amount of total dissolved solids released to sewer through our waste water treatment plant.

Eliminating chemical spills:

Eliminate chemical spills to storm water systems by training staff in spills procedures and ensuring engineering controls are in place to isolate on-site spillages.

Energy usage:

Reduction in the percentage of energy usage throughout all the sites through the use of solar panels.

Ongoing improvement:

Acknowledge and address any community concerns raised or changes in expectations regarding environmental impacts of the business.

By placing appropriate measures in place to not only satisfy but also exceed each objective, we're solidifying our commitment to our people, planet and our future. To learn more about what we're doing to create a greener future, click here.