Milk Cleaners

The Milk Cleaning range has been developed to sanitise, remove milk residue and hard water scale from milk lines and frothers.
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Milk Cleaners

Whether your coffee machine is working with hard water or if you need a cleaner that can break down build up from milk-based products, Cafetto has a product suited to your requirements.

Acidic cleaners

Acidic cleaners have been specially formulated for hard water conditions. Acidic cleaners deliver high levels of effective scale removal while sanitising. Milk lines must be flushed with water before use with acidic cleaners.

MFC Green

An acidic, organic descaler. MFC Green contains biodegradable detergents and is derived from natural acids. It is recommended that MFC Green is used more frequently than the other MFC cleaners due to its milder properties.


A high performance acidic milk line cleaner possessing strong descaling capabilities to breakdown scale while also removing milk build-up.

Alkaline cleaners

Alkaline cleaners are specially formulated for high performance in removing milk residue

Alkaline cleaners provide excellent cleaning capabilities for heavy milk deposits in instances where there is a build-up of milk in the milk lines. Alkaline cleaners are recommended for machines using dairy products that are high in fat such as full cream milk, cream or ice cream. Controls scale when used frequently.

MFC Blue

A high performance alkaline milk line cleaner designed for machines used at a high frequency.

We recommend using an acidic milk frother cleaner or descaler through the milk lines periodically to remove any scale buildup in the lines.

Rinse or flush the milk line before and after using cleaning products to ensure the best performance.

All our MFC bottles contain a chamber for convenient measuring.

Milk Cleaning Chart