Contract Manufacturing

Work with us to manufacture the perfect cleaning product for your company.
Contract Manufacturing Cafetto 2

Contract manufacturing with Cafetto is the perfect solution for businesses looking to develop a premium cleaning product for their brand. By working with us you can avoid the costly setup fees typically involved in product manufacturing.

How it Works

1. Find the right product for you

Our sales, and research and development team will help you find the perfect product to suit your machine, or cleaning requirements. Cafetto® offer a wide range of products for cleaning beverage equipment. These can be in tablet, liquid, or powder form.

We then look at what packaging will best suit your product and your customers. This could be bottles, chamber bottles, jars, tablet blister packs, or single-use sachets.

Contract Manufacturing

3. Create your branded design

Cafetto® have an experienced team of designers who can create artwork specifically branded for your business. Alternatively, we can provide you with specifications for you to create your own artwork.

Contract Manufacturing

4. We manufacture your new product

Your new branded cleaning product will then be manufactured in our factory.

Contract Manufacturing

5. Your new product is ready

The final product is then ready to be shipped and used in your business, or sold to your customers.

Our manufacturing facilities are quality and environmentally certified to the highest standard. With Cafetto® you can trust our experienced team to produce a quality product to your specifications.

Cafetto® is proud to be certified by independent globally-recognised industry bodies

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