MFC Tabs White 4.0

Alkaline Milk System Cleaning Tablets

MFC® Tabs White 4.0 is formulated to clean automatic coffee machine milk lines and frothers.

Regular use of MFC® Tabs White 4.0 will not only clean the milk system but also remove milk-stone from the lines and system components. Ideal for cold regions where freezing is an issue.

Just 1 tablet is needed for each clean.

A non-corrosive formulation that is safe for all espresso machine and coffee brewing equipment parts.



For Milk Lines

MFC Tabs White 4 0 Instructions
  1. Flush milk out of system with 250mL of fresh water.
  2. Add 1 tablet to 250mL warm water (75°C) in a container or jug.
  3. Stir until tablet is completely dissolved.
  4. Flush the entire solution through the milk system following the machine manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
  5. Once the solution is dispensed, rinse the container. Fill the container with 1 Litre of clean water and flush through the milk system to thoroughly rinse.