Cafetto brings most-loved products to home coffee makers

Premium coffee machine cleaning products for home users in convenient single-use sachets
Cafetto Home Range Portrait
28 September 2020

In the current climate options for a caffeine fix are limited to takeaway coffee or making it at home, with many leaning towards making their own with a domestic coffee machine. Cafetto® has responded to this shift in coffee consumption with a range of its most popular products in sachets for the home user. These convenient, single-use sachets are perfect for home users to keep their machine clean and make delicious coffee.

“We recognise that there’s a huge market for the home barista and we wanted to cater for them. Releasing this home range fills a gap in the market.”
– Christine Song, General Manager

Cafetto’s home range provides consumers with a simple, easy-to-use solution for cleaning their coffee machines. Sachets contain a measured dose to prevent wastage and overdosing of products, and offers easy product handling with no risk of contamination. Using the home range allows the home coffee maker to confidently clean their machine and equipment, ensuring they are getting the best at-home coffee possible.

“Whether the coffee machine is in a café or sitting on your kitchen bench, cleaning is not something you should skip. That’s why we’ve made portioned sachets, to make the cleaning process simple, quick and easy.”
– Christine Song, General Manager

The new Cafetto® home range consists of:

  • EVO®
  • Espresso Clean®
  • Grinder Clean
  • MFC® Powder Blue
  • MFC® Powder Red
  • Spectra
  • Inverso
  • Eco Capsule Clean
  • Tevo® Mini

This range offers a variety of products to clean your home coffee equipment, from traditional and automatic machines, capsule machines and grinders, to crockery and milk jugs.

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