Bubble Tea and Cafetto Chill

Bubble Tea and Cafetto Chill, a match made in heaven.
Bubble Tea and Cafetto Chill
02 November 2023
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Have you ever been to a bubble tea café? Isn’t it just great? Vibrant colours, happy faces, machines whirring to make the cool, sweet, tea with chewy pearls? Of course, you can get it with milk! Extra toppings? Why not! And add some probiotic yoghurt or fruit while you’re at it.

Sounds hectic and messy for those making these drinks, doesn’t it? But what’s life without a little mess? Especially for something so tasty!

Boba or bubble tea is a Taiwanese specialty made of black or green tea, sugar, and tapioca pearls. You can jazz up this basic mixture with any number of toppings ranging from milk and yoghurt to all kinds of fruits, jellies and syrups.

Making these drinks fast enough to keep up with the orders pouring in requires machines. Bubble tea experts typically mix various powders, flavours and fresh or powdered milk to make the tea using fructose dispensers, tea-shakers, blenders and slushie makers. Then they add the sticky pearl toppings to the plastic cups which pass under a sealing machine which is quite fun to watch. This seal is then punctured with the characteristic fat straw allowing the parched customers to access the boba.

Cafetto Chill

All this equipment- the dispensers, grinders, slushie makers, blenders, utensils and storage containers - need thorough cleaning as they are in contact with milk and other chilled food items.

Cafetto Chill is a cold-beverage machine cleaner with a colour-changing solution that not only cleans cold beverage equipment but also descales it. The solution changes colour as it passes through the machine to indicate when the machine has been completely cleaned and unwanted build-up removed.

Cafetto Chill makes sure that the machines are clean and ready to make milk tea boba that is as hygienic as it is delicious!