International Tea Day

Pour yourself a hot cup and jump into the world of everything tea!
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19 May 2023
International Tea Day

Happy International Tea Day!

Hey, have you heard? This Sunday is #InternationalTeaDay. 🫖

As much as we all love a hot, hearty, warm-you-from-the-inside-out cup of tea, the significance of this day goes beyond just appreciating the unique and fun flavours of tea. International Tea Day is intended to raise global awareness of tea's rich culture, history, and economic importance. As tea cultivation and harvesting is a labour-intensive sector, the tea industry provides employment, particularly to people in remote and low economic regions.

Recognising the importance of tea allows the industry to continue playing an important role in combating hunger, alleviating poverty, and safeguarding livelihoods and natural resources.

Ready for 3 piping hot facts about tea? 🍵

1. China is known to be the largest tea producer worldwide, no surprise there. China produces approximately 68% of the world’s tea, that is 2 million metric tons of tea every year! Being the biggest exporter and grower of tea, China is also known to produce some of the best drinking teas in the world.

2. A tea merchant invented the tea bag in the early 1900s by chance! To market his product, he would send samples of his tea sealed in silk bags to restaurants and cafes. He soon discovered that the restaurants that received his samples were brewing tea directly in the silk bags to save time. This method of brewing tea soon caught on and the rest is history.

3. Tea contains a chemical compound known as tannins, these possess antioxidant properties that assist with boosting your immune system.

Although they have quite interesting health benefits, tannins are usually better known as: the fun brown stains in your cup that are tough to shift even with hot water and soap (sound familiar? We thought so too). Lucky for all of us, Cafetto has developed an organically certified tea stain remover that quickly and easily removes stains, leaving your tea brewing equipment and cups sparkling again.

What can you do to celebrate International Tea Day?

Try a tea flavour that you have never tried before: 💡

There are many fun and delicious fusion tea flavours available in the market. Coconut vanilla black tea anyone?

Get to know your local tea producer: 👨🏽

Learn about where your favourite tea is sourced and produced. Does the company have a sustainable manufacturing process?

Learn tea etiquette: 🧑🏽🏫

Learn the many traditions and etiquette of tea drinking. Different countries have different customs when it comes to drinking tea, the traditional way.

As much as we all love tea, we don't think anyone loves the stains that come with them. Want a quick, easy and pain-less product that helps eliminate them? Sounds like a job for Cafetto Tea Clean: 🍵

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