MFC Powder Eco

The newest edition to the Cafetto Organic Range...and it's definitely something to froth over.
2 February 2024

Cafetto is no stranger to Milk Cleaners. Anyone who knows us, knows how hot-n-heavy we are on looking after your machine with products that specialise in breaking-down build up from milk/water based products. So much so, we developed a whole range of products that do exactly that (plus a whole lot more). But recently, we've added something special to the Milk Cleaner family...and it's definitely something worth frothing over. 🥛

This lean, green, caring-for-your-machine gem goes by the name of MFC Powder Eco, and it's the first of its kind. Here's a few reasons why:

Make way for Alkaline Milk Cleaning

Firstly, it's an Alkaline Milk Cleaner and you know what that means? It eats scale build up for breakfast AND kills 99.999% of E.coli and Listeria. Alkaline cleaners are extremely effective at removing fats, oils and proteins on automatic milk frothers. Formulated for every-day use, it aims to guard your machine from break-downs caused by block-ups. The cherry on top? It won't leave any nasty, lingering odours, so you won't even know it was there. 👻

The Power of Accurate Dosing 💪

Some say time is money, we say inaccurate dosing is money. Here's a not so fun fact: not only can product over-use be harmful for the machine, it's also known as a classic culprit for unnecessary outgoing costs, especially in high-volume turn over environments. Our products are not only made to suit the complexity of the machine, they're also made to suit the environment for use (eg cafes and restaurants), and we have a few key points to make sure we're putting a big tick next to 'efficacy'.

The environmental factors:

Fast-paced, high turnover environments require quick, reliable cleaning solutions. A prime example of our response for fast moving environments is Sachet Packaging. The convenient, pre-portioned nature of sachets make for an easy, no-mess application that work perfectly as mid-service solutions.

In the big picture, the convenience of correct dosage control and easy application aims to reduce labour time and eliminate the pressure points stemming from time constraints, providing an effective cost-per-use product that aims to reduce your cleaning expenses without compromising quality.

Each of these critical factors are taken into consideration during the planning and manufacturing process of product development. So why would we make MFC Powder Eco be any different? The convenient 10g sachets give the perfect clean for your milk system and steam wand in 4 quick and easy steps:

MFC Powder Eco Instructions

Make it clean, make it green 🌿

You can take the powder out of the eco, but you can't take the eco out of the powder! Our pivotal goal is to encourage sustainable decision-making in the coffee chain, in hopes of providing an end-to-end sustainable coffee solution from bean to cup. But what does 'Eco Friendly' even mean?

MFC Powder Eco is part of our Cafetto Organic Range, meaning it contains only ingredients that are completely free from genetically modified organisms and phosphates, and what makes this range different? Cleaning products are not traditionally organic, and we've created a range that works just as well as competing non-organic brands with significantly less impact on the environment.

The environmentally friendly tick of approval carries from the product to the packaging. MFC Powder Eco comes in two sizes; pre-portioned sachets and a recyclable 500g jar. Incorporating recyclable packaging in our business initiatives brings us one step closer to tying together the loop on a greener cleaning solution and adding our touch of sustainability in the industry.

Ready for another?

It's registered by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) as an allowed input in organic systems, ensuring integrity of organic products in the marketplace for consumers and is one of the most rigorous standards in the world for organic production.

This means, when you're choosing products from the Cafetto Organic Range, you can trust that you're being backed by a brand that's constantly being held accountable for our sustainable ingredients and packaging solutions. We weren't kidding when we said this product is the first of its kind. We've poured 21 years of passion into providing our customers with the products that add value to your business, and help you carry that value to your customers.

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