The Cleaning Collection is here!

The complete traditional coffee machine clean.
Cleaning Collection pack
10 November 2023

This one's for you, home barista! 🍵

Cafetto wants to give you the gift of barista quality coffee at home, and what better time to do that than on our 20th birthday anniversary? Enter: Cafetto Cleaning Collection!

You've heard us lecture you about why you should use a milk cleaner, how to effectively clean your espresso machine and why descaling is so important (louder for the coffee machines in the back). So why not put it together in a convenient pack that looks after the traditional home machine for the whole month? Hey, home machines need love too!

That's where the Cleaning Collection comes in. Our expert team has hand-picked our most organically focused products to create a regular use kit that takes complete care of the clean behind the traditional machine.

Cafetto Cleaning Collection Pack 20 Years for Website 2

Why? A good way to think about your coffee machine is as a blank canvas. The quality of coffee it produces is only as good as the quality of the cleanliness inside the machine. Our goal is to give you the cleanest canvas to start and end with. Here's the goodies you can expect:

Using pre-portioned sachets, we're giving the you, the home barista, a complete set of tools required to expect the same barista quality coffee at home by giving your machine that TLC it needs (and trust us, it needs love...we've seen some things in our 20 years).

Hey there, sustainably minded barista! 🌏

Yes, we're talking to you. You know we love a product that satisfies the taste of our coffee and the environment, so what would make this addition to the Cafetto family any different? All three products in the kit contain only ingredients that are sustainably sources and free from genetically modified organisms and phosphates. They're registered in the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) as an allowed input for organic systems so if you're using organic milk and coffee beans, you're satisfying an end-to-end organic solution!

Ready to start brewing your at home barista journey? 👊